Why your Organization Needs a SOC 2 Report?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The main objective of these reports is to define the maximum internal control over the confidential data of another company that an entity manages. This type of verification helps convey security and reliability to customers.

The growing importance of this report over the others is that it is usually the most used to address a double question: Is the information secure and how can we be convinced that we know it?

The standard of SOC 2 is an audit on internal controls related to information technology, verifying the obligations and commitments of IT, Cloud, and Hosting service providers.

Its international approval within standards such as ISO / IEC 27001 gives it a double utility for an entity that hires it: on the one hand, it obtains something like a credential from its clients that its virtual environment is safe and reliable; furthermore, within the organization, it favors a greater understanding of risks by employees, facilitates the routine acceptance of internal controls and promotes a positive governance climate.

These reports require a coordinated external effort over a while to obtain reliable results since it is necessary to perform different test procedures at different times to be able to study the operational efficiency of an entity with maximum objectivity.

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What are the benefits for a company?

SOC 2 encompasses everything that has to do, in general, with security, availability, the integrity of the processes, confidentiality, and privacy as it relates to the in-scope data or systems.

In addition to improving confidence in the provision of outsourced services, a report SOC2 presents many other advantages for any entity. For example, it minimizes the impact of audits, by periodically evaluating different areas related to security. In addition, it provides better risk management, provides a competitive advantage for the organization, and optimizes business processes and controls. They also point out that, if integrated into the normal operation of the company, it can have a positive impact as a potential marketing tool for potential clients.

Our SOC 2 Compliance Help Services

With the help of our SOC 2 Compliance Assistant services, achieving and maintaining compliance is simplified and optimized to make it a reality. Many of our customers have benefited from a significant improvement in their security and their ability to prove to their key partners that they are indeed safe.